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Wine Should Be a Celebration


Welcome to Life Wine!

Life…Life is our independent journey full of complexities, adventures, experiences, family, friends, and love.  This list could go on and on…..and that’s what makes Life fantastic!  My personal Life journey has lead me to this moment of creating a wine business, Life Wine, that I am truly passionate about and will enjoy sharing amazing wines with all of you.

Life Wine Philosophy

I have come to the philosophy that wine should be paired with Life’s moments.   Don’t get me wrong, pairing wine with food is wonderful, but pairing wine with Life’s moments makes it a celebration!

I believe in pairing a wine to be enjoyed after a long day of work, or a gathering of friends, perhaps a romantic evening with someone special, or any kind of celebration.  Your wine choices will be different based on Life’s moments.

Life Wine Made Easier

Have you ever found yourself dazed and confused when standing in the wine isle of your local grocery store or when viewing a wine website?  Which wine do I choose… for the get together with my fiends? for a special date?  holiday celebration? or to enjoy at the end of a long day when you are ready to relax?

My hope is to make your Life a little easier by suggesting which Life Wine to pair with different Life moments.

Our Lives are already full of difficult decisions, choosing a wonderful wine should not be one of them.

Enjoy Life Wine

Your Life is beautiful and precious so why not enjoy Life to the fullest.  With that in mind, when you enjoy Life Wine, I hope that all your senses come alive!  Starting with your sight when viewing the amazing art on the label.  Gone are the days of boring wine labels.  I believe your initial experience with Life Wine is to enjoy the visually exciting art on the label.  Thank you to the fabulous artist Karina Puente for translating my visions into beautiful art.   Next comes your sense of smell when opening up a bottle of Life Wine.   We all know the swirl, the smell, and then the smile that comes knowing you have discovered something very special in your glass.  Now you take your first sip of Life Wine, your taste buds have come alive, and everything you were hoping for in a glass of wine just came to Life.   Lastly your sense of hearing comes alive when listening to the conversations and laughter of friends or family you are sharing Life Wine with.   If it is a relaxing evening by yourself enjoying Life Wine please take a moment to reflect and listen to your own thoughts.

Celebrate Life Wine

My wish for you is to make every day of your life count, enjoy great wine along the way, enjoy Life Wine.   This is our Life, let’s celebrate every chance we get!

I will look forward to sharing my passion for great wine, for Life, and Life Wine with all of you!



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